Lead Generation Is A Skill and A Tool

MLM is both an exciting adventure and a tremendous learning curve for most new recruits. The success trajectory for most of them will be right into the toilet. MLM gets a bad rap for some very poor effort on the part of those who step into the water. Quite often it has to do with […]

Worldventures May Need Help

I don’t wish ill on anyone. I particular want enterprising organizations to flourish. I hope each of us learns from the difficult times we experience, even when misunderstood or maligned. Worldventures is facing some difficult times right now. I have friends who are questioning their path. A friend who strays from his path can be […]

What Is A Warm Market And How Do I Heat It Up?

Ever wish you had something new to talk about with that friend you see quite often? I mean, the same old subjects are OK, but you’ve just about become able to script the conversation even before you meet with that friend? She’s going to ask about this so you better think about the last time […]

Minimal MLM skills

There is a certain mindset that flourishes in MLM and several ways to fail. Skill #1: Check Pride At the Door and Be Willing To Start Over The single most common mistake people make about MLM is the idea that what they already know is all they need to know. You’ve got to be willing […]

Turning Lookers Into Bookers

The mlm travel agency motto is “turning lookers into bookers.” No, it’s not official and no, I’ve never really heard any mlm travel agent utter those words, but it is what they are after. The internet has introduced eTravel. Consumers find it very easy, in fact prefer, to check out their travel arrangements via Travelocity, […]

Basic MLM universal skill #1

Slice it any direction and in any industry, if you are going to succeed at multi-level marketing you must be able to: create or discover leads Now, if you’re new to MLM or if you are a seasoned veteran, the whole game is won or lost by your ability to discover and nurture from 3 […]

Multi-Level Marketing Is A Genius Concept

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) rewards the efforts of one along side the efforts of others whom the one has involved. MLM can be a self-defeating experience. If the efforts you commit to actions are not mutually sustainable, then you’ve created a false expectation of success. If you recruit competitors two things will happen. You will end […]