What’s The Best Way To Travel

Travel is such an enrichment to life. It not only puts you in places in which you don’t live (having to learn the role of a guest), but it causes you to appreciate where you do live. The best way to travel is with a friend or traveling to be with a friend. These times […]

Travel Starts In The Mind

You’ve heard it all your life. If you don’t travel, then you think the world is a very small place and it’s all the same wherever you go. If you do travel, then you realize just how large the world is, and how similar people are the world-over. So, travel begins in the mind. As […]

The Most Forgotten Parts of Planning

No matter what, you always forget something when you’re planning for a trip. Most frequently forgotten articles are: Mobil┬ácharging device Even though none of us want to see those battery power bars dwindling down to nothing, we most often forget to take the charger and keep those mobile devices stuffed with power. If you know […]